How do I register for an event you are hosting?

Click the registration link: https://www.store.dadcentral.ca/events/side-by-side-canadian-father-involvement-conference

How do I pay my registration for an event, if I cannot pay on-line?

You can make a cheque payable to: DCO/EBFC c/o The George Hull Centre, 81 The East Mall, Toronto, ON, M8Z 5W3 - re: FI conference

When I place my order for resources, can I pay by cheque?

Yes – you can pay via PayPal or by cheque.  If you select “off-line” option, an invoice will be sent with your order.  You can then pay the invoice, by cheque, sending to the payment centre listed on the invoice.

Can I place a resource order by fax or e-mail instead?

Yes – there is an order form which can be sent to you (by fax or e-mail) and you can fill it out to either fax or e-mail back to Dad Central.

Are there taxes on the resources?

No – these resources are sold on a cost-recovery basis.  We are not making a profit on them, simply recouping some or all of our costs in being able to print them & send them to you.

If I order in bulk, can I get a discount?

We are a non-profit organization which will not be able to continue to offer these resources if we lose money in the process.  If we have worked out a way to offer a discount on certain quantities of items, we will most likely put that in our store as a “bulk buy” item. If the bulk order you wish to make is really significant, it would be best to contact us because perhaps the quantity would allow for us to be able to give you a discount.  It never hurts to ask.

I am outside Canada or U.S.A., can I still place an order for the resources?

Yes – however there will be a shipping charge.  You will need to communicate with the Dad Central Secretariat. The charge will be determined once you know what you would like to order.  It is packaged up, weighed & measured.  Once the fee for shipping is figured out, you will be asked if you want to proceed with the order with that shipping fee.  If so, you will be invoiced for the amount of the resources & the shipping cost.  You will need to pay by cheque to the payment centre.